Good News, Bad News – And Great News for Sinclair Triad Hot Wedge Welder Owners

Posted by Steve Brown on Feb 4th 2014

First: The Good News

All replacement wedges for Sinclair Triad Hot Wedge Welders now feature extended braided stainless steel heater leads – designed to minimize the risk of premature heater failure.

When mounting wedges, our new, extended braided stainless heater leads allow Sinclair Triad Wedge Welder operators to reroute wedge heater leads AWAY from hot, corrosive PVC gases. It’s these off gases that accelerate the erosion of the stainless steel and, in turn, the heater wire inside. That erosion will eventually lead to a premature heater failure.

Next: The Bad News

Our friends at Sinclair Equipment Company have introduced their own extended stainless steel heater leads.  The really bad news is that they’re also raising the price of the hot wedges you buy from between 11% and 16%, depending on the wedge. If you’re hearing that for the first time, please don’t shoot the messenger.

Now: The Great News is holding prices at $399 for standard wedges. That’s a saving of just over 30% for you – including our new stainless steel lead extensions.  If you are outside the US, you can expect to save a staggering 50% or more in some markets. We offer the same or better quality, superior service, twice the warranty in many cases, lower pricing and typically about 80% lower shipping costs. We are literally on a mission to do everything we possibly can to earn and keep your business.