Fast, FREE and Friendly Tech Support: Introducing “Ask a Tech”

Posted by Steve Brown on Apr 6th 2014

As you know, saves you a bundle on replacement parts for Sinclair Triad hot wedge welders. We are taking those savings to an entirely new level. We are introducing an innovative tech support service designed to save you time and money 

Think back to your last Triad  Wedge Welder Repair...

The bills added up quickly, didn’t they? Nevermind the high cost of OEM or appointed distributor parts and labour. Shipping costs to and from the designated service depot alone can cost hundreds of dollars. Production downtime: Missing a delivery commitment made to your customer, or turning down work while you machine is away... can get even more expensive.

Now, there’s a more efficient, more cost effective alternative.

In many cases - with the right diagnosis and easy-to-follow instructions - doing your own service/repairs in-house can be quite easy. The benefit, of course, is that repairs can be made faster, saving expensive OEM and appointed distributor labour charges, eliminating the cost of shipping to and from the service depot -  and minimizing downtime.

Fast, FREE and Friendly Tech Support: Introducing “Ask a Tech”

“Ask a Tech” is a new, and entirely FREE diagnostic service from Simply visit our website and submit the “Ask a Tech” form. Within a half business day or less, one of our techs will be back in touch to diagnose your machine’s problem, recommend the parts you need, process your parts order and prepare easy-to-follow instructions for completing the repair yourself. This is just one more example of our ongoing commitment to assist you in reducing the operating costs of your Sinclair Triad or Spec Hot Wedge Welders