Triad Lower Drive Damage Prevention

Posted by Neil Blake on May 5th 2013

Clank! There goes your Triad Wedge Welder's lower drive chain. Again.

There's never a good time for the lower drive chain on your Triad Wedge Welder to break. Why it happens late Friday afternoon, why your supplier is out of stock, or why they closed shop early when you find yourself most in need... are all questions for another day (and for another supplier). What matters right now is: You are about to miss your delivery deadline.

Warning: Fragile!

The lower drive chain on your Sinclair Hot Wedge Welder is actually quite fragile. So - while the occasional chain-breaking fabric jam is probably inevitable - an equally common cause (and this may shock you) is operator-inflicted damage - which is totally preventable.

Handle With Care

How many times have you seen the operator of your Triad Wedge Welder use their foot to propel the machine back to the start position to prepare for the next weld? If you are familiar with operation of the machine, you would assume that the drive roller had been disengaged prior to getting the boot, right?

Triad Lower Drive Control Damage Prevention

So, what happens when your operator isn't disengaging your drive roller before push-kicking your Triad back into "start position", ready for the next weld? By now, you've already surmised that life of the lower final chain (300221) will be significantly reduced. But the damage (and cost) doesn't stop there.

If the chain doesn't snap - this time - you can still expect:

  • Reduced chain life
  • Damage to rubs & tensioner
  • Damage to sprocket teeth
  • Flat spots on drive roller

All of this translates into premature replacement, unnecessary expense and - ultimately - a hit to your bottom line.

Still Bigger Risks To Consider

Prevention, naturally will save you from wasted time, grief, and unnecessary expense. More costly, however is lost trust of your customer when you blow a deadline - or, worse still, the loss of the customer. Naturally, we strongly recommend you share the information in this blog post with your operators.

Save Time, Money - and Customers

We at have more than just great advice for you. We have bundled a Triad Lower Drive Repair Kit.

The Triad Lower Drive Repair Kit contains:

  • 300221 Lower final chain (26”) w/master link
  • 300021 Two Sprockets .1475 pitch x 16 tooth w/8-32 X 1/8 set screws x 4
  • 300130 Chain Rub Bottom/Rear
  • 300131 Chain Rub Top/Rear
  • 300132 Chain Tensioner Bottom/Front
  • 300133 Lower Final Chain Rub Top/Front         

Order your Triad Lower Drive Repair Kit Today - for just $220.00. That's approximately 30% less than you would expect to pay for OEM parts in North America - and those of you in other parts of the world will enjoy even greater savings.